Monday, November 1, 2010

Congress of Asian Catholic Laity

31st Aug – 5th Sep 

With the help of the International Mission Center, ICPE Mission Korea participated with Esther, council member of the ICPE Mission, in the Congress of Asian Catholic Laity. It was an opportune chance to expose the ICPE Mission to both Korea and other countries, both personally and through media coverage.

The congress fostered the collaboration of Asians for the evangelization of their continent. I felt that the event was especially important for Korea. There is a need for the Korean Church to have a broad view, not only for Korea, but for the Catholic Church across Asia. I believe that, in His own way, the Lord will use me to this end. I think that the Korean Church also received many blessings from other Asian churches during the congress.

School of Evangelization 2010

School of Evangelization
When: August 18 – 22, 2010
Number: 28 participants, ranging from six to 80 years old.

We ran the School of Evangelization with the help of ICPE Mission Philippines, who sent three staff members to assist us. We used the Kkottongnae Congregation’s retreat center- a very beautiful place.

We received encouraging feedback from the School of Evangelization participants. They said it was first time this type of program has been offered, and they thank God for the ICPE Mission. Some of the participants said that they felt as if they experienced a bit of heaven, especially during the final celebration as young and old danced together for the love of God they experienced.

The grace of God and His healing poured down not only on the participants, but also on our staff. Some highlights of the time were when the Lord reconciled three generations of a family during the School of Evangelization, leading the grandfather to desire baptism, and young people receiving healing of their childhood when they observed the child-like behavior of young kids during the celebration.

We also had a wonderful response of people interested in participating in a program for ICPE companions.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

God Bless You!


ICPE Mission Korea

Hello from South Korea! A little bit about ICPE Mission Korea:

Since the early days of the ICPE Mission, young people from South Korea have been participating in ICPE schools, going through formation and serving as long-term ICPE missionaries. Over the years, several ICPE Mission teams were sent to South Korea to run formation programmes for youth and other outreaches.

In 2007, the ICPE Mission received official recognition by the Seoul Diocese. In 2008 Titus Choi, an ICPE missionary since 1993, moved to Seoul to start the ICPE Mission Korea, which is situated at Hapjeongdong near the Juldusan Martyrs’ Shrine.

Although still in its pioneering phase, the ICPE Mission Korea is active not only in the Seoul Diocese but all around South Korea, running formation programmes for young adults, teaching in prayer groups, running Bible Study groups, weekend retreats and various seminars.